Emerging: The Collective Poems 2000-2011

Peer into the mind of journalist, marketer, and singer-songwriter Leslie I. Benson with her new chapbook of original poetry, Emerging: The Collective Poems 2000-2011.  Spanning a decade of vulnerability, naivety, empowerment and enlightenment, the 94-page collection will give you a glimpse into a woman’s heart as she tells tales of the lives that have touched hers, and the world she has come to both fear and embrace.

Emerging: The Collective Poems 2000-2011 by Leslie I. Benson
On sale now in paperback or hardback:
Click here.

Excerpts from “Emerging: The Collected Poems”:
Poetry Series: No. 1 – “Out from the Inside”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 2 – “I Wrote to Be Cured”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 3 – “Armor of a Sullen Girl”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 4 – “From Mind to Pen”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 5 – “Shards of Glass”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 6 – “Awake”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 7 – “Blesséd Are”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 8 – “Blue Sunrise”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 9 – “Ferrets Do Not Belong in Dishwashers”: Click here
Poetry Series: No. 10 – “Emerging”: Click here

Photo by Kris Arnold.

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