Graduate Project

In 2005, as my graduate school journalism project at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., I published an original Midwest goth and industrial music magazine called Echo Immortalis, which I founded, wrote, edited, and designed. With the help of freelance writers and photographers, I successfully published three 56-page, full-color issues of the music magazine until 2007, when I ran out of funding for the grassroots journalism project. However, the experience it taught me has helped propel me throughout my writing career.

EI Marketing Collage 2

Echo Immortalis magazine, 2005-2007

Produced by Leslie I. Benson (Founder, Writer, Editor, Designer)


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Echo Immortalis magazine’s mission statement, PDF


Echo Immortalis magazine Vol 1 Is 1, PDF (<100MB)

View Digital Copy: Issue 1



View Digital Copy: Issue 2
View Digital Copy: Issue 3:

Professional critiques of Echo Immortalis magazine’s debut issue:

InTake, published by The Indianapolis Star, featured an exclusive interview with me (Leslie Benson, the founder of Echo Immortalis magazine) in 2006. Read “Print it Black” here.

Kevin Poortinga, vice president of product development for The Indianapolis Star, in his critique, stated: “This was an ambitious project, full of vigor and depth in writing.” Read more here: Critique by Kevin Poortinga, vice president of product development for The Indianapolis Star

Critique by Samir “Mr. Magazine”™ Husni, Ph.D., the director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, School of Journalism (

Critique by Samir "Mr. Magazine"™ Husni, Ph.D.
Critique by Samir “Mr. Magazine”™ Husni, Ph.D.
– Photography: Katie “Kidtee Hello” Foster, Braille of Braille Korp., Kevin Foureman of Dark Mannequin Designs, and Vanessa Hamilton of Doppelganger Photography
– Articles: Written by Leslie Benson, Scott “Mr. Industrial Pants” Campbell, Jamie Vitro, DJ Zlaya, and various other contributing writers
-With Input From: Razed in Black, Form 30, The Azoic, Hungry Lucy, Thanatos, Filament 38, Assemblage 23, Y-Luk-O, Produkt, Hardwire, She Wants Revenge, I:Scintilla, Acumen Nation, Dekoy, Dirk Ivens, Mentallo & the Fixer, The Faint, Voltaire, The Oddz, Grigori 3, Mister E DJ, DJ Copper Top, Empress Alyda, Sarah Vain, Matt Greenwood, Kent Caliber, Nick Anderson, Leigh Marino, Jason Saunders, Kelly Parsons, Scott Church, Storm Constantine, Indiana Munch, Chris Conner, Sean Smith, Mark Watson, Ryan Jenkins, Richard Numbers, Jake Textor, Michelle Hickman, Scott Broyles, Mike Schindler, Bliss, Jon Fernandez, Kai, Acid PopTart, Melissa Kennedy, Natalie Norris, Sindel Chaos, Wicked Mina, Lady Valoria, Bella Sin, Regina Russo, CiN, Ebony, Chantal Menard, Bat’s Meow, Jay Fife, M. Rafael Class, Sean Stevens, Jim Balent, Eric Tragedy, Libby Bulloff, 1470s, The Asylum, The Vault, all the other bands, artists and beautiful models who added their flavor to this ‘zine, anyone who helped this grassroots creative endeavor, and the entire Midwest gothic-industrial club scene…Thank you for having made this possible!


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