Magazine Journalism

During my journalism career, I have spent several years as a writer and an editor for various magazines. I am currently the Senior Associate Editor of GX magazine in Nashville, TN, the official publication of the Army National Guard, which has more than 220,000 readers, including soldiers and their families. Previously, as an Associate Editor at Angie’s List, I was responsible for the overall quality of seven magazines across the United States, during which time I reported on homeowner issues for 210,000 readers. As an Assistant Editor with Chicago’s Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) magazine, I interviewed high level business partners; reported breaking business news online and in print; wrote feature articles and cover stories in regards to skin care, cosmetics, technology, marketing, and business issues; and managed content from a staff of freelance writers for a circulation of 14,000 readers. Prior to that, I was an editorial intern at Journey and Endless Vacation, two travel magazines in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I interned as a fact-checker for Indianapolis Monthly magazine. I later had a feature story on the 2009 Indianapolis Dream Home published in Indianapolis Monthly. Previously, as a graduate journalism student, I held an editorial graduate assistant position with Ball State University’s Alumnus magazine, for which I interviewed former students, pitched story ideas, and wrote and edited feature articles for the alumni publication.

My journalism graduate project involved creating the content (text and graphics) for an original 56-page glossy music magazine called Echo Immortalis; creating a website, business plan, and a marketing plan; building a network of contributors to provide a library of editorial content; securing advertisers, vendors, and subscribers; writing and editing content; designing the layout using Adobe Creative Suite; managing freelance writers, models, photographers, and a printing consultant to produce the high quality publication; and publishing and distributing the magazine. I later released two additional issues of the magazine, which I supported through a grassroots fundraising campaign.

The following are samples of my published magazine articles.

Angie’s List magazine: 

Feature: “Steampunking: Transforming Historic Homes into Modern Marvels,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Boston Contractors Converting Vehicles from Diesel to Cooking Oil,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Contractor Maintains Home for Troubled Teens,” Angie’s List 

Feature: “Don’t be a Victim, Defend Against Identity Theft,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Evicting Furry Intruders,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Transforming Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Finding the Best Childcare Provider for Your Family,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Cooking Up Confidence: Personal Chefs Offer Private Lessons,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Ride, Store or Restore? Winter is the Perfect Time to Rev Up Work on Classic Cars,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Saving the Fir Tree, ” Angie’s List

Feature: “Customizing the Kitchen,” Angie’s List

Feature: “Battle of the Bats,” Angie’s List

News: “Cleaning Tips to Keep the Flu Bug Away,” Angie’s List Health

News: “Tree-Killing Bug Invades Boston,” Angie’s List

News: “Columbus Initiative Aimed at Reducing Basement Flooding,” Angie’s List

News: “Blouse Dry-Cleaning Bill Raises Woman’s Ire,” Angie’s List

News: “Jury Indicts Plumber,” Angie’s List

News: “Best Contractors of Cincinnati, Ohio,” Angie’s List

News: “Best Contractors of Columbus, Ohio,” Angie’s List

News: “Best Contractors of Denver, Colorado,” Angie’s List

News: “Best Contractors of Northeast Ohio,” Angie’s List

News: “Worst Contractors of Cincinnati, Ohio,” Angie’s List

News: “Worst Contractors of Columbus, Ohio,” Angie’s List

News: “Worst Contractors of Denver, Colorado,” Angie’s List

News: “Worst Contractors of Northeast Ohio,” Angie’s List


Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) magazine:

Cover Story: “Skin Care Thinks Small to Deliver Big,” GCI

Cover Story: “Innovation through Collaboration (Borba/Tarte Team Up),” GCI

Cover Story: “The Future of Beauty,” GCI

Cover Story: “Nutricosmetics: Eat and Drink Your Skin Care,” GCI

Feature: “Pet Care: Bath and Body,” GCI

Feature: “Professional Cosmetics Go High Def,” GCI

Feature: “Derm Devices: Taking Antiaging in Hand,” GCI

Feature: “Midwest Beauty Brands,” GCI

Feature: “Up from the Dentist’s Chair,” GCI

Feature: “Meet the Press: Beauty Editors Speak Out,” GCI

Feature: “Wine Grapes Propel Personal Care Industry,” GCI

Feature: “The Perfect Marriage: Collaboration in Color Cosmetics,” GCI

Profile: “Aveda’s Tim Kapsner,” GCI

Profile: “Bond No. 9’s Laurice Rahmé,” GCI

News: “GO! What’s New and What’s Next: Home O2 Devices and Red Wine Grape Antioxidants,” GCI 

News: “GCI Reports from HBA Global Fragrance Business Expo in New York,” GCI

News: “Ulta Beauty Rises Above U.S. Economic Hardship,” GCI


GX magazine:
Profile: “A Mom’s Deployment,” 


Skin Inc. magazine:

Feature: “Derm Devices: Specialty Skin Care Innovations,” Skin Inc.


Indianapolis Monthly magazine
Feature: “The View from the Top: 2009 Dream Home,” Indianapolis Monthly


Journey magazine:

Feature: “Jammer Drivers: Historic Red Buses Cruise Montana’s Glacier Park,” Journey

News: “Couples Mark Special Occasions on the Road,” Journey

News: “Club Travelers Win Awards in Belize,” Journey

News: “Hilton Head, South Carolina Fly/Drive,” Journey


Aspire: The Concrete Bridge Magazine:
Feature: “Concrete Bridge Preservation in South Bend, Indiana,” Aspire 


Ball State Alumnus magazine:

Feature: “Tracing Family Roots”: A Hoosier’s Glimpse into Geneaology, Ball State Alumnus

Feature: “Classroom to the World”: Ball State’s Electronic Field Trips Program Celebrates Tenth Anniversary,” Ball State Alumnus

Feature: “Mapping with Melody: Music from the Human Genome Project,” Ball State Alumnus


Echo Immortalis magazine
Self-published 56-page glossy, color publication
For more information: Click here

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3


Profile: “Coraline: Visualizing a Film for Neil Gaiman,” Echo Immortalis magazine


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