As a published journalist since 1999, a professional content writer and marketer since 2005, and a blogger since 2009, my writing has been featured in more than 30 print and digital publications – from newspapers to magazines to newsletters to blogs and beyond. Here are select writing samples from my recent portfolio, organized by topic.

The Ultimate ‘Star Wars’ Fan is Building a Full-Scale Millennium Falcon – Blog Post (Two Clones magazine)

Neil Gaiman on the Importance of Storytelling – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Dream Home – Magazine Article (Indianapolis Monthly)

Steampunk House – Magazine Article (Angie’s List)

Classic Cars – Magazine Article (Angie’s List)

Greasecar – Magazine Article (Angie’s List)

Painter for the People, SPJ Award Winner – Newspaper Article (Impact Weekly)

DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Biotin: What’s the Beauty Buzz? – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Biotin – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

7 Best Essential Oils for Hair Care – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Using Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

No More Chapped Lips: Follow These Tips – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Try These Best Moisturizers with SPF – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

No More Beard? Try Natural Aftershave – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

FDA Limits Lead in Beauty Products – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

How to Choose Natural Hair Care Products – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Essential Beauty: Natural Mineral Powders – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

6 Nutrients for Healthy Nail Care – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

DIY Avocado Face Mask for Glowing Skin – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

11 Summer Beauty Essentials – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

20 Celebrity Beauty Secrets To Try Today – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Summer Skin Care Tips & Tricks – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Top Superfoods for Beautiful Skin – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

7 Ways to Look Younger by 10 Years – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Beauty Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Chicken Skin Arms: What is Keratosis Pilaris? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Try These Essentials Oils for Beauty – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Retro Beauty: Hair & Makeup Tips – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Fall 2018 Nail Trends Forecast – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

The Importance of Beauty Sleep – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

When to Ditch Old Cosmetics – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Get Soft, Glowing Winter Skin – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

These Natural Lipsticks are Oh La La! – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Follow These Beauty Bloggers – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Natural Hair Dye Alternatives – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Travel Size Beauty Tips – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Toxic Beauty: Harmful Ingredients to Avoid – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Scar Care Tips to Heal Your Wounds – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Low-Carb Foods for Healthy-Looking Skin – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Do Natural Hair Sprays Work? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

11 Ways to Heal After a Sunburn – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Beauty Style from the Decade You Were Born – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

The Essence of Tall Beauty – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

10 Best Skin Care Nutrients for Healthy Aging – Supporting Article (Ghostwritten)

Business Collaboration Leads to Innovation – Magazine Article (GCI)

Future of Beauty Business – Magazine Article (GCI)

Nutricosmetics – Magazine Article (GCI)

Ulta Rises Above Economic Hardship – Magazine Article (GCI)

Bond No. 9: Artisan Perfumes Profile – Magazine Article (GCI)

GO! What’s New and Next – Magazine Article (GCI)

Cosmetics Go High Def – Magazine Article (GCI)

Skin Care Technology – Magazine Article (GCI)

Derm Devices – Magazine Article (Skin Inc.)

Tracing Roots: Hoosier Genealogy – Magazine Article (Ball State Alumnus)

Education Trends – Newspaper Article (Ball State University Daily News)

BSU Expects $2 Million Loss – Newspaper Article (Ball State University Daily News)

9 Farm-Fresh Foods for Healthy Vision – Blog Post (Farm Flavor)

America’s Nutrient Deficiency – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Drink Matcha Green Tea for Your Health – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Pregnancy & Supplements: What You Need to Know – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Why Zinc is Crucial to Your Health – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Essential Vitamins for Vegans – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

13 Chinese Herbs That Support Your Health – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

10 Steps to Avoid Emotional Eating – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Ease into a Holiday Diet – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Healthy Holidays from the Inside Out – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Are Crickets the New Nutrition Trend? – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

How MCT Oil Supports Energy and Weight Loss – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Thermogenics: Then and Now – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Herbals Teas for Respiratory Health – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Bulletproof Coffee for a Low-Carb Diet – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Weight Loss Facts & Myths – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

The Best Tea & Tea Accessories for Winter – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

What are Trace Minerals? – Supporting Article (Ghostwritten)

5 Natural Weight Loss Tips – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Top Vitamins for Hair Growth – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Liquid Vitamins vs. Pills What’s the Difference? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Astaxanthin – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Bone Broth – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Blessed Thistle – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Cod Liver Oil – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Folic Acid – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Turmeric – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

8 Essential Oil Blends for Seasonal Support – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Essential Oils – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Peppermint Essential Oil – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Arjuna – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Boswellia – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Butterbur – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

California Poppy – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Candida – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Cascara Sagrada – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Cordyceps – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Dong Quai – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Echinacea – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Fenugreek – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Gentian – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Horse Chestnut – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Hyssop – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Meadowsweet – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Nettle Leaf – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Olive Leaf – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Propolis – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Rehmannia – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Saw Palmetto – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Silymarin – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Slippery Elm – Long-form Article (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Activated Charcoal for a Full-Body Detox – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

How Healthy Are You? Check Your Snot – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Leaky Gut: What’s the Big Mystery? – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Regain Bladder Control with These Easy Tips – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

6 Ways to Support Bladder Health – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

10 Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Tips – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Exclusive NHC Brand Launch – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Self-Care Tips for Caregivers of Aging Baby Boomers – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

10 Ways to Support a Healthy Immune System – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

3 Ways to Cope with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

10 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Indoor Plants: What’s Safe for My Pets? – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Prostate Health Supplements for Men – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

FDA Considers New Regulations on CBD – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

How to Care for Your Contacts – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Energy Differences and Healing Techniques – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

How to Find the Best Pillow for You – Blog Post (Natural Healthy Concepts)

Sit or Stand at Work? What’s Actually Healthy? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Can Ashwagandha Help Alleviate Stress? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

5 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Can’t Use the Loo? Try These Natural Diuretics! – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Why Try Natural Teeth Whitening? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Scared of the Chiropractor? Don’t Be! – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Beat B.O. with Natural Deodorant – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Healthy Aging Tips for Women – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Why It’s Better to Give than to Receive – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Going Solo? Spoil Yourself on Valentine’s Day! – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Which Massage is Right for Me? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

The Beauty in Simplifying Your Life – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Coping with Tragedy through Laughter – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Clear Your Mind: How to Maintain Mental Health – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

What’s in Your Sunscreen? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

What is Chakra Energy Healing? – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Welcome Blessings into Your Heart & Home – Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

Pet Care Bath and Body – Magazine Article (GCI)

Human Genome Project – Magazine Article (Ball State Alumnus)

Adults Lack Health Care – Newspaper Article (Ball State University Daily News)

Eczema Outbreaks – Newspaper Article (Ball State University Daily News)

Identity Theft – Magazine Article (Angie’s List)

Women in Music Cover Story – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Tori Amos Interview – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Deborah Harry of Blondie Interview – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Over the Rhine Profile – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

David Lowery of Cracker Interview – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Krista Detor Cuts Her Teeth – Newspaper Article (NUVO Newsweekly)

Echo Immortalis Issue 1 – Music Magazine (Self-Published)

Echo Immortalis Issue 2 – Music Magazine (Self-Published)

Echo Immortalis Issue 3 – Music Magazine (Self-Published)

Holiday Destinations – Blog Post (Magazines.com)

One-Tank Trips – Newspaper Article (BSU Daily News)

Cruise Montana’s Glacier Park – Magazine Article (Journey)