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Poetry Series: No. 4 – “From Mind to Pen”

From Mind to Pen

© 2011 Leslie I. Benson
From “Emerging: A Collection of Poems”
Available for purchase on

The words ripple through me
bubbling like geyser water and
earthy steam
below malleable skin

Electric words shoot adrenaline
through blood, thin bursts of
stimulated nerves,
fibers standing on end,
illuminating red,
flashing on off on off
pulsating like strobe lights
to electro techno drum and bass

The words ripple through me
enveloped in a silence
thick air of calm —
a hush
from blood to nerve to finger
to pen to ink to paper

The words flow from images
of passion in RealTime
awakened by your
crystalline stare,
a shadowed gaze of
ancient dreams and
of unseen futures —
a longing, a waiting
for words of worth

Muse, you draw me to
write, yet the words ripple
through me too quickly
for a firm grasp

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