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Poetry Series: No. 2 – “I Wrote to Be Cured”

I Wrote to be Cured

© 2011 Leslie I. Benson
From “Emerging: A Collection of Poems”
Available for purchase on

Spent nights locked in
my room an escape
a girl’s life on paper
20 journals kept in a suitcase

Anne Frank inspired
fleeting images of memory
that could have easily been
swept away
every touch, every tremble
every kiss, every tear
worth remembering
penned down

Ink forever etched in my mind
from vulnerable child to
college girl shedding

Five years spent
learning to strum chords
finding myself
in songs and then
losing myself

Jamming with childhood friends
boys with guitars
later pushing me aside
We don’t want a girl in our band
Friends and lovers who left me
shaking beneath
pink bed covers

City bus brought me home
and I knew
what I was really fighting for

Rode Arabians at Shady Glen
spent afternoons hand in hand
with a faceless boy

Strolled red cobble streets
vintage shops
in the Oregon
holistic mother
never ceasing to quote
the zodiac wheel

Read stories of hitch-hikers
mountain-climbers and vampires
dreamed fantasies, in which
I was truly free

Sat speechless in theatres
gazing at screens
thousands of films
with and without meaning

First concerts without my dad
mosh pits at Bogart’s
jazz at Gilly’s
worshipped the music
danced like a fiend at
Celebrity’s and

Studied religion at dusk
on a tree stump
found my God
in the atmosphere

While others got high
I closed my eyes,
opened my journal
and grasped for a pen


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