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Poetry Series: No. 10 – “Emerging”


© 2011 Leslie I. Benson
From “Emerging: A Collection of Poems”
Available for purchase on

I am emerging
from beneath the dusty earthen
cubby-hole in which I hid
for four point five years

My arms lay cracked and
rough at the elbows
blistered red
dragging my limp body
through sludge and caked mud

My legs crooked like crab claws
advance rigidly not slither
smoothly like a black mamba
but slow and crippled
like a fly with a torn wing

The way it half dances
leaning on one side for balance
turning frantically in circles
flitting its numb wing stub
yet earthbound

Its only purpose in life waned
set ill in its fate
while stumbling and buzzing about
carelessly without control

I am a fly
from a window lattice
corner chilled with winter frost
and dewy strands of sticky
spider web hair caught
on my broken iridescent wing

I am no butterfly
just a dull house pest
with only one working wing
the other torn and flitting
with millions of tiny
egg-like bug eyes staring
at what lies before me

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