Irene and Reed

“The sultry, haunting lounge sound comes naturally.”

“A sonic playhouse for strong-willed love songs and dreams of better days.”

“Close-mic’ed, with a torch song flavor.”

“Sultry with a classic edge … a mix between Sara Bareilles and Greta Garbo …
Modern meets the Golden Age of Hollywood.”

— Krista Detor, singer-songwriter

“Good and moody,  jazzy pop.”
— Jennie DeVoe, singer-songwriter

“With an antique ambiance, there’s an ‘old-time’ theme. By releasing their inner superheroes, these musicians have constructed a creative outlet through their songs. This is true art.”
Stereo Subversion

“For fans of dark-tinged Americana.”

Listen to Podcast: Click here
In 2011, I was interviewed, along with my music partner, Jason Reed Milner, about our band, Irene & Reed, by Noel Hopkins, host of the Indy Music Show, which aired on 91.9 FM WITT. We discussed our first albumCloser to Home, and the upcoming second album, Struggle, Strength, Reclamation.

Irene & Reed – For More Info: Click here
Official Website: Click here

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