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Poetry Series: No. 9 – “Ferrets Do Not Belong in Dishwashers”

Ferrets Do Not Belong in Dishwashers

© 2011 Leslie I. Benson
From “Emerging: A Collection of Poems”
Available for purchase on

belong in dishwashers
or ovens
or bathtubs
or underwear drawers
or laundry baskets
or grocery bags
or the interior of beds and couches

normally gyrate their hips
or snarl
or do a war dance
or eat Honey-Nut Cheerios
or play peek-a-boo
or hide-and-seek
or steal chewing gum
or dig holes in the couch
or poop in corners
or squeak when excited

usually sleep 18 hours a day
or nest under bed covers
or curl up under dirty laundry
or chew highlighters
or nuzzle computer keyboards
or crawl up pant legs
or nibble toe socks
or follow your feet as you walk
or chase terriers around living rooms
but you don’t know Max
he’s a rule breaker

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