In the social media realm, a brand’s identity is only as strong as its ability to engage readers—through comments, likes, shares, mentions, or retweets. My independent marketing and promotions work on social media websites has produced many retweets by major international musicians, including by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to her 1 million followers – twice; Lisa Loeb (51.1k followers) — twice; country star Lee Greenwood; Chelsea Wolfe; well-known entertainment venues such as Nashville’s Exit/In and Robert’s Western World; and government leaders such as General Frank Grass, director of the National Guard, former military adviser to President Obama, and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (11.7k followers).

The following are some of the celebrities, leaders and entertainment venues who have retweeted my original posts to their Twitter followers.

Please click on image to enlarge.

Neil Gaiman ReTweetRetweet by Amanda Palmer 1-15-14

Retweet by Amanda Palmer 1-21-14

Retweet by Exit In 1-28-14

Tweet by Chelsea Wolfe 1-29-14

Retweet by Mercy Lounge 1-10-14

Retweet by Romain Remains 3-18-14

Tweet by CDBHeroes - Lee Greenwood 3-25-14 b

Tweet by CDBHeroes - Keith Kawasaki 3-25-14

Retweet by Chris Lee 5-14-14


Retweet by NashPride 6-14-14

Retweet by Lisa Loeb 6-13-14

Retweet by Lisa Loeb 6-14-14

Tweet by Ponychase 6-16-14

Retweet by The Wind and the Wave 7-3-14

Retweet by Dwight Baker 7-3-14

Retweet by RobertsWWorld 7-10-14

Retweet by GEN Frank Grass 7-15-14

Retweet by All Them Witches 5-23-14




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