From 2010 to 2013, I managed, edited, and published over 32 corporate monthly internal newsletters for an $61.M architecture and engineering consulting firm in Indianapolis, Indiana (the No. 1 Largest Indy-Based A/E Firm, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal, 2012). I increased the size of the monthly print publication from 16 pages to 24 pages, which included more in-depth feature content, project milestones, and staff news. Then, in 2013, I helped the firm transition to a more sustainable online newsletter format, saving trees and providing a more searchable archive of entries. The following links are some of the articles I wrote and published in the online and print versions of the …to the Point newsletter.

Print Newsletter 

News: “Aerial Survey Reveals Secrets of the Land”

News: “Project of the Year Award and More!”

News: “Celebrating the NWI Baseball Stadium Opening”

News: “Roundabouts Lead the Future of Transportation”

News: “Steel Beams from World Trade Center Find New Home in Indianapolis”

News: “Rebuilding After the Fire – Courthouse Renovations Reach Completion”

News: “Air Force Base Support Center Design Achieves LEED Gold Certification”

News: “Ribbon Cutting Held for Air Force Base Support Center”

News: “Did You Know? Monthly Media Wrap-up”

News: “Roundabout School Educates Hoosiers”

News: “Ribbon Cutting Held for Muncie Bridge”

News: “Parking Structure Features Living Exterior”

News: “Newsletter Goes Green – New Blog Format!”

Profile/Feature: “A Process of Discovery: Architecture Design Director Dreams Big”

Profile/Feature: “Keeping the Plant Alive: Wastewater Treatment Expert Makes a Positive Impact in the Lives of Engineers”

Feature: “Walking the Line – A Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist”


Electronic Newsletter

News: “Cross-Selling Wins IT Group New Client”

News: “Survey Group Leader Promoted to Vice President”

News: “ISEA President Selected”

News: “‘Think Tank’ Panel for Innovation in Infrastructure Development”

News: “New Blog Establishes A/E Industry Expertise”

News: “Awards Roundup”

Profile/Feature: “Advancing Municipal Wastewater Treatment Applications for Clients”

Profile/Feature: “Get to Know the New Bridge Group Leader”


See More Examples: Click here


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