Music Journalism

NUVO Newsweekly staff (2006-2007)
Pictured: The NUVO Newsweekly staff (2006-2007), Indianapolis, IN. I’m third from the right.

Music = Life

From Bowie to Baez, Cash to The Cult, music that touches you stays with you. When my parents asked me as a child if I wanted to take dance lessons or join the school band, the choice was clear. I learned to read and write music, documenting every tremble and every tear worth remembering. Finding myself in songs and then losing myself again, I strummed my Gibson Epiphone, sang and played flute. Originally a music critic from Ohio, I soon graduated with a master’s degree from Ball State University in journalism. Having interviewed hundreds of national and regional bands, I’ve left no music genre behind. I’ve experienced both sides of the fence—as a performer, a reporter, a promoter, and as an audience member. I am a musician but am a music fan first. My music journalism has been published in Nuvo Newsweekly (for which I was previously the Music Editor), ReGen magazine, Echo Immortalis magazine, the Ball State University Alumnus magazine, the Indiana Daily Student Weekend, CultureWeek, the Dayton City Paper, Impact Weekly, and The Guardian newspaper. The following articles are some of the many interviews and reviews I’ve had published as a music reporter.

Alternative/Indie Rock/Other:

Cover Story: “Alternate Routes – Nine Local Women Talk Songs and Success,” Nuvo

Cover Story: “Where are They Now? Highlights of Indy’s Rich Musical Past… and Future,” Nuvo

Profile: “New York Doll: Debbie Harry Returns with First Solo Album in 14 years,” Nuvo 

Profile: “Tori Amos,” Nuvo

Concert Review: “Tori Amos,” Nuvo

Profile: “The Rapture,” Nuvo

Profile: “Laura Veirs,” Nuvo

Concert Review: “David Bowie’s ‘Reality’ tour,” IDS Weekend

CD Review: “‘The Cure’ by The Cure,” IDS Weekend

CD review: “Avril Lavigne – ‘Under My Skin,'” IDS Weekend 


Profile: “Shiny Toy Guns,” Nuvo

Profile: “The Crüxshadows,” Nuvo

Profile: “Assemblage 23,” Nuvo

Concert Review: “End: The DJ,” Nuvo

Concert Review: “Paul van Dyk,” Nuvo

Profile: “Paul van Dyk,” Nuvo

Profile: “DJ Scott Matelic,” Nuvo

EI Marketing Collage 2

Echo Immortalis magazine – Ball State University
Graduate Studies Project:

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3    


Profile: “Grammy Award-Winning Bill Miller,” Nuvo

Profile: “Over the Rhine: Back Porch Roots Folk,” Nuvo

Profile: “Branches Breath,” Nuvo

Profile: “Emily Pinkerton,” Nuvo

Profile: “Krista Detor,” Nuvo

“Mapping with Melody: Music from the Human Genome Project,” Ball State Alumnus

Concert Preview: “Snake Oil Medicine Show,” IDS Weekend


Cover Story: “Rockabilly Rebel Weekend (Wanda Jackson and Deke Dickerson),” IDS Weekend

Profile: “Brandi Carlile, A Fine Frenzy,” Nuvo

Web Exclusive: “Cracker at 8 Seconds Saloon,” Nuvo

Hip Hop / R&B / Soul:

Profile: “Audio Reconnaissance,” Nuvo

Profile: “Vocalist Bashiri Asad Evolves through Story and Song,” Nuvo

Cover Story: “Waking Up ‘Naptown’ (The Mudkids),” Nuvo


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