“The Goblet Drum” (A Poem)

You play my skin like you beat your Doumbek, holding my body firm in your grasp… my hips at the base, my waist at the middle, my breast the skin beneath your fingers, my heart the tambourine just under the surface. Your goblet drum is the chalice of my body between your guiding hands, you… Continue reading “The Goblet Drum” (A Poem)

Writing Prompts

Excerpt: “The Divine and the Demonic”

“No babe, we’d never swing together, but the syncopation would be something wild.” – “20” from Dinners and Nightmares, Diane di Prima Dayton, Ohio. 2002-2004. I remember the sign against the side of the building: 1470. Around the back of the club, I climbed out of the driver’s side of my green Ford Escort in… Continue reading Excerpt: “The Divine and the Demonic”

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: “Through the Ether”

Several large birds swooped downward, barely skimming the bald face of the mountain they had perched upon. Intent on their prey, none in the flock ever noticed the couple, dangling as they were, from an outcropping scrambling desperately for purchase. She couldn’t tell which was louder, the beating of her wings against the wall of… Continue reading Writing Prompt: “Through the Ether”