Blogging lends itself to establishing a firm’s expertise on various subjects, thereby gaining trust and credibility from clients and peers. During my career as a content writer and a marketing specialist, I have been asked to “ghostwrite” corporate blogs to promote companies and establish their executive leadership among the trendsetters in an industry. I have also written and published natural health blogs and entertainment blogs that have increased sales for various companies. Read some of my favorite blogs below.

All Beauty

I “ghostwrite” articles for All Beauty, a beauty and wellness blog.


“Get Soft, Glowing Winter Skin” 

“Going Solo? Spoil Yourself on Valentine’s Day” 

“These Natural Lipsticks are Oh La La” 

“Follow These Beauty Bloggers” 

“Which Massage is Right for Me?” 

“Natural Hair Dye Alternatives” 

“The Beauty in Simplifying Your Life” 

“Travel Size Beauty Tips” 

“Toxic Beauty: Harmful Ingredients to Avoid” 

“Clear Your Mind: How to Maintain Mental Health” 

“What’s in Your Sunscreen?” 

“Scar Care Tips to Heal Your Wounds” 

“Low-Carb Foods for Healthy-Looking Skin” 

“Do Natural Hair Sprays Work?” 

“11 Ways to Heal After a Sunburn” 

“Beauty Styles from the Decade You Were Born” 

“What is Chakra Energy Healing?” 

“The Essence of Tall Beauty” 

“Welcome Blessings into Your Heart & Home”


“Essential Beauty: Natural Mineral Powders”

“Top Vitamins for Hair Growth”

“6 Nutrients for Healthy Nail Care”

“DIY Avocado Face Mask for Glowing Skin”

“11 Summer Beauty Essentials”

“20 Celebrity Beauty Secrets To Try Today!”

“Summer Skin Care Tips & Tricks”

“Why Try Natural Teeth Whitening?”

“Top Superfoods for Beautiful Skin”

“7 Ways to Look Younger by 10 Years”

“Beauty Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid”

“Chicken Skin Arms: What is Keratosis Pilaris?”

“Scared of the Chiropractor? Don’t Be!”

“Beat B.O. with Natural Deodorant” 

“Try These Essentials Oils for Beauty”

“Retro Beauty: Hair & Makeup Tips” 

“Fall 2018 Nail Trends Forecast” 

“Healthy Aging Tips for Women” 

“DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget”

“The Importance of Beauty Sleep” 

“Why It’s Better to Give than to Receive” 

“When to Ditch Old Cosmetics” 



I write regular blog articles for “Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias,” a blog published by Natural Healthy Concepts, an ecommerce and retail store headquartered in Wisconsin, featuring beauty, dietary supplement coverage, fitness and other natural health and wellness topics. Many of the content ideas come from SEO searches I conduct via Google Trends, Moz, and Ahrefs. The use of specific SEO keywords has increased search rankings and views on the website, as well as increased customer conversion and sales overall by more than 80% for


“The Best Tea & Tea Accessories for Winter”


“3 Ways to Cope with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)”

“Bulletproof Coffee for a Low-Carb Diet”

“Weight Loss Facts & Myths”

“10 Benefits of Bee Pollen” 

“What are Trace Minerals?” 

“Indoor Plants: What’s Safe for My Pets?” 

“Prostate Health Supplements for Men” 

“10 Best Skin Care Nutrients for Healthy Aging” 

“FDA Considers New Regulations on CBD” 

“How to Care for Your Contacts” 

“Energy Differences and Healing Techniques”

“Air Purifier vs. Humidifier” 

“How to Find the Best Pillow for You”


“Herbals Teas for Respiratory Health”

“Self-Care Tips for Caregivers of Aging Baby Boomers” 

“10 Ways to Support a Healthy Immune System”


“Use Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer”

“No More Chapped Lips: Follow These Tips”

“FDA Limits Lead in Beauty Products”

“Are Crickets the New Nutrition Trend?”

“Biotin: What’s the Beauty Buzz?”

“10 Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Tips”

“10 Steps to Avoid Emotional Eating”

“How Healthy Are You? Check Your Snot.”

“Falling Short on Nutrition? Not Anymore.”


“Matcha Green Tea: Essential for Your Health”

“Pregnancy & Supplements: What You Need to Know”

“Exclusive NHC Brand Launch”

“Why Zinc is Crucial”

“Activated Charcoal for a Full-Body Detox”

“MCT Oil May Support Energy, Manages Weight”

“Ease into a Holiday Diet”

“Healthy Holidays from the Inside Out”

“Regain Bladder Control With These Easy Tips”

“Leaky Gut: What’s the Big Mystery?” logo

I wrote bimonthly arts and entertainment, food and nutrition blog articles for MagaSCENE, the official blog published by, a Franklin, TN-based company that was previously co-owned by TIME, Inc. Most of the content ideas came from timely SEO searches I conducted via Google Trends, Moz, and Ahrefs.


“Six Low Carb Super Bowl Snacks”

“2017 Oscar Predictions: ‘La La Land’ in the Lead”

“10 Ways to Cleanse & Detoxify Your Home”


“Fall TV Premiere Schedule: ‘The Walking Dead’ and More Return”

“Magazines Make Great Gifts”

“Great Holiday Destinations”


American Structurepoint-logo

The following blogs are examples of work I “ghostwrote” on behalf of the president and COO of the $61.M architecture and engineering firm in Indianapolis, IN.


“Driverless Vehicles: Profound Changes in Store for Transportation Infrastructure”

“Studies Indicate High-Performance Concrete Could Double Bridge Life Expectancy”

“Innovative Fish Hatchery Reduces Energy Demands to Sustain Alaska’s Sport Fishing Industry”

“Firm Recognized as Health Conscious Company”

“IT Best Practices”

“Mimicking Solutions in Nature to Improve Structural Performance”

“Firm Named Top U.S. Design Firm”

“Hotel-Like Senior Centers”

“No. 1 Top Project in Progress in the Midwest”

“The Need for Engineering”

“Competition Teaches High School Students Engineering Skills on a Global Scale”

“Three Percent Growth Rate Estimated for Water Market in 2013”

“Mobile Computing: Wield Desktop-Grade Power in the Palm of Your Hands”






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