Mr. Eyetooth and the Majestic Moose – (1998)

Yes, this is the coolest band name you’ve ever heard, and it was the brainchild of Ryan E. Jenkins (R.I.P.) on guitar and Jesse Gilbert on drums and vocals. Joined by their friends Eddie Richardson on guitar, Leslie Benson on vocals, and Byron Breiden (R.I.P.) – later Steve Griffin on bass, along with other neighborhood kids, the Dayton, Ohio-based band that formed in 1998 played heavy metal, grunge rock, and shock-rock music.

Most of their practice sessions (held in Jesse’s living room – thanks Patty!) were recorded with very lo-fi equipment, with high distortion, low microphones, and added effects. As teens, these demo songs were both silly and serious to them…. Sorry, some of the lyrics are a bit sinister. Music was the path that started all of these young people on the hunt of their lives, pursuing their dreams. After the band disbanded, some of the friends lost touch, and some stayed loyal for a lifetime. But they all continued to write and record music in their own ways.

Although guitarist Ryan Jenkins passed away at the young age of 30, his laughter can be heard forevermore in the background of these recordings. His lyrics and guitar licks will ring on eternally. Just as it was always nearly impossible to catch him in a photograph, it was just as hard to capture his talent on a decent recording. Trust me, he was very talented. Unfortunately, these scratchy songs do not do him justice. Nevertheless, his friends and family will appreciate their existence. Enjoy….

Please click on the blue links to hear the songs by this band of hyper teenagers. Thank you.

20_UselessNumbless-byRyan_Mr Eyetooth

19_StupidF-byRyan_Mr Eyetooth

18_Jesse-Eddie-RyanLaugh_Mr Eyetooth

16_Squall_Mr Eyetooth

12_Dont R*** the Chambermaid_Mr Eyetooth

10_The Balloon Machine_Mr Eyetooth

08_Xavier_Mr Eyetooth




21_Squall-Jesseintro_Mr Eyetooth

11_Baptism By Fire_Mr Eyetooth

09_Stuck in Insanity_Mr Eyetooth

07_Dont R*** the Chambermaid Take 2_Mr Eyetooth

05_Stitch the Movement_Mr Eyetooth

06_Stitch the Movement Take 2_Mr Eyetooth

And, for more recent recordings by Ryan Jenkins. If you turn up the volume carefully, you can hear him talking in the background of most of these songs:

Rivertown FULL – Written/recorded by Ryan and Leslie in Jan. 2010. This is such a beautiful guitar riff by Ryan. True blues at its finest.

River Town (Where the Heart Is) Demo Version – Shorter version.

#2 – “Let Go, Let Live”: By Ryan and Leslie in 2010.

american dream – Song by Ryan, Jesse, and friend Matt Dear. This version was recorded by Ryan and Leslie in 2010.

kenetic take3 full-byBlissfulDisarray – Song by Ryan, Jesse, and Matt Dear.

We love you and miss you, Ryan. R.I.P.

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