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Paul van Dyk: Words with the German EDM Icon


Paul van Dyk’s concerts are some of the best-attended electronic concerts. At his 2009 show in Indianapolis, Indiana, music fans gave German Grammy Award–nominated DJ and his opening artists a warm—eventually sweltering—welcome, when just two hours after opening its doors, the downtown Talbott Street nightclub filled to near capacity with writhing, dancing bodies, whose sweat and hot breath quickly fogged the mirrors surrounding the main stage. Van Dyk, on tour for his “best of” collection, Volume, which culminates his 15-year DJ career, opened with “For an Angel,” leading into a set focusing on instrumental techno more than vocal-oriented songs. His crowd brought with them the energy of a rave back when that word meant something positive—music that makes you feel alive.

Written by Leslie I. Benson
Published June 12, 2009, Nuvo

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Excerpt: There are some advantages to touring across the U.S. in 17 days. When it’s over, you still have time to play, or create, as Germany’s Paul van Dyk will do. With an intense tour schedule, performing for audiences from L.A. to Indianapolis, van Dyk’s June 2009 debut of Volume culminates his 15-year DJ career, bringing the best of his electronic music to fans live from his newly released, two-disc album. Though, after hitting 17 cities in 17 days, it will give him the chance to spend the rest of the summer working on his next project.

“My good friend, Johnny McDaid—who I wrote ‘Home’ and ‘Time of Our Lives’ with, two of my favorite tracks— and I will hang out all July and write music,” he says. “My main priority, after supporting the Volume tour, is writing and producing songs for my next album, due to be released in 2010.”

It’s true the man has his hands full. Not only does he work as a full-time DJ, writing original electronic dance tracks and remixes for other artists, but he also hosts his own radio show and leads philanthropic efforts worldwide, including having founded the Ruckenwind charity for impoverished children in Berlin.

“Electronic music is about breaking the boundaries and using the newest technology,” van Dyk says. “It’s always moving forward and growing bigger. Because of Internet communities, it doesn’t matter where you’re from—Calcutta or Berlin; people can hear your music around the world.”

Paul van Dyk– Official Website: Click here

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