“The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

I shiver as your words fall down my back. Gentle. Firm. … Knowing… From a whisper across the nape of my neck, they roll down like tears, following the silhouette of my body, hugging me at the waist, melting into my skin. They rush toward my toes, igniting a high-energy spark, ejecting hot metal capable… Continue reading “The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: “I Know That Sound”

“I know that sound,” she thought to herself, her mind flooding with memories unbidden, but welcome. Visions of storm swept voyages on ancient sailing vessels, rampaging gales hurling tidal destruction with only her hand to stay the helm. Those images, and a song... She was wind-swept and tossed about with a flask in hand, remembering… Continue reading Writing Prompt: “I Know That Sound”

Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger
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Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger

I started my first blog not long after college. I was working in the admissions office at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had just moved back to Indy after a year as an assistant editor of a beauty business magazine in Chicago, Illinois. It turned out the hustle of big city life wasn’t for… Continue reading Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger

U-Bahn train car, Berlin

Getting Around in Berlin: How to Ride the U-Bahn

If you’re traveling through Berlin, Germany – like I recently did, you’ll notice that most of the locals are not driving cars. In a way, Berlin is like any other big city. Its residents opt for quicker, cheaper modes of transportation than expensive automobiles that tend to get stuck on the Autobahn. Similar to New… Continue reading Getting Around in Berlin: How to Ride the U-Bahn