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Introducing God in Rehab …

Getting “Closer to Home” has been a consistent theme in my life. It was the name of my first full-length album in 2009 with Irene & Reed, which evolved into my most recent band, The Sweetest Condition (2012-2016), and it’s that ever-aching desire to want to belong… to find my tribe and feel fully accepted.

These last few years have been bittersweet. I’ve felt torn between where I belong, and I stopped making music for almost 6 years. … While “Home” will always be Dayton, Ohio, where I grew up, I’ve been blessed to find a new “Home” in Nashville, Tennessee – in the friends I’ve made here, the joys I’ve been blessed to share, and the memories yet to be made here.

When I posted about my regret in not getting to record this song back in 2017, this amazing friend-in-the-making at the time, Spookie Rollings, immediately stepped up and said, “Let’s do it.” And so, on a whim, we took a chance on each other musically, and this time, I had someone who followed through on their promises. … I. Am. So. Grateful!

Covering “Home” by Depeche Mode has a very special meaning to my heart. It’s the culmination of a project I wanted to complete 6 years ago, and a nod to one of my favorite bands.

So after a few recording sessions, we are proud to present to your our cover of “Home.”

God In Rehab – cover of Depeche Mode’s “Home”:
Released on March 15, 2022…
Leslie Benson – lead vocals
Spookie Rollings – guitars, keys, background vocals
Jess – bass, backing vocals, samples
Matt Hosafros – drums, sequencing, samples
Sean Sheppard (Scattered Hamlet) – mixing/mastering

In even more exciting news, I’ve been invited to become a full-time member of the band God in Rehab as a vocalist and lyricist. I couldn’t be more excited about joining a music project! Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to our collaborations in songwriting and performing with God in Rehab! 

“Finally, I found that I belong here…” 

I truly hope you enjoy this release by God in Rehab. Thank you for listening. 

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