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Staying Positive – ‘The Secret’ Revealed (Audiobook Review)

How many times have you heard someone tell you to “Stay Positive” even when you’re going through a total mental and emotional meltdown? You may think: “How could THEY know how I’m feeling? How am I supposed to ‘Stay Positive’ with all that’s going on?!” But in the midst of what seems like a half-hearted,… Continue reading Staying Positive – ‘The Secret’ Revealed (Audiobook Review)

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The Magic of Mother Nature – An Ode to Wordsworth (A Poem)

Ode to Wordsworth (In response to “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.”) We shed our translucent jelly shell the malleable armour wrought to us through rebirth passing into fragile bodies awakening into one realm forgetting another Asleep to the golden gates the chorus of souls behind them lives we spent in the… Continue reading The Magic of Mother Nature – An Ode to Wordsworth (A Poem)