“To My Muse” (A Poem)

I do not ask, And yet, you give freely. As you receive, You do so willingly. And the dance we share gives her nourishment and the Muse his inspiration. We fill each other’s cup back and forth, an improvised act of kindness of a shared language only we speak. And at the end of the… Continue reading “To My Muse” (A Poem)

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Top 10+ Geek-Friendly Bars In and Around Nashville

If you’re like me, you're obsessed with ’80s toys, video games, pop culture trivia, weird collectibles, cult films, comic books and other novelties. Pair that with craft beer, and your heart is content. If you live in or around Nashville (or are just visiting), here are 10-plus, must-see geek-friendly bars and venues for you fellow nerds… Continue reading Top 10+ Geek-Friendly Bars In and Around Nashville