“I Leash, You Lead” (A Poem)

I leash, You lead. One larger circle protecting the smaller. Interlocked at the hips and at the lips. Lightning strikes; We exhale. Ravenous exploration; Breathing wind to sail. Pen stroke as delicate as the rings on the clavicle – the tiniest licks forming a crescent moon and stars, the Libra scales on my arm, counterweights… Continue reading “I Leash, You Lead” (A Poem)


“The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

I shiver as your words fall down my back. Gentle. Firm. … Knowing… From a whisper across the nape of my neck, they roll down like tears, following the silhouette of my body, hugging me at the waist, melting into my skin. They rush toward my toes, igniting a high-energy spark, ejecting hot metal capable… Continue reading “The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

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The Choir of Flight (A Poem)

100 voices sing in unison turning pages like white wings a gliding flock of ivory feathers sending praises from below the sky These tattooed paper birds lift prayer swiftly through hymn between earth and heaven as angels blacken their tails © 2013 Leslie I. Benson