The Beauty of Cyan (Poem + Lyrics)

Intro (4/4 x8) VERSE 1: (pause 4 beats) It came so unexpected.I wasn’t even looking.The night when I first met youis now my favorite Halloween. A real conversationa willing explorationVibing like the trebleand bass on another level. I started singing shyly,With you dancing beside me.But you broke out your guitar,And I let out a big… Continue reading The Beauty of Cyan (Poem + Lyrics)

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Free Falling (A Poem)

As a boy, he had dreamed of plucking marshmallows out of the bright blue overhead, which he’d save later for S’mores. He had imagined faces here, the gentle, pudgy cheeks of old women and upturned noses of old men wrinkly in the sky–like moving puffs of smoke. He had not expected the clouds to be… Continue reading Free Falling (A Poem)

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Of a Mockingbird (A Poem)

Of a mockingbird, Mary Oliver writes— for a thousand mornings it flutters about, stealing songs of neighboring birds, and brakes squealing to drown its mockery. This beautiful tiny jester sings avian karaoke on a post just off the porch, hovering, twirling twice, its dance cylindrical, then lowering like a helicopter or a slow balloon losing… Continue reading Of a Mockingbird (A Poem)