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Introducing God in Rehab …

Getting “Closer to Home” has been a consistent theme in my life. It was the name of my first full-length album in 2009 with Irene & Reed, which evolved into my most recent band, The Sweetest Condition (2012-2016), and it’s that ever-aching desire to want to belong… to find my tribe and feel fully accepted.… Continue reading Introducing God in Rehab …


“To My Muse” (A Poem)

I do not ask, And yet, you give freely. As you receive, You do so willingly. And the dance we share gives her nourishment and the Muse his inspiration. We fill each other’s cup back and forth, an improvised act of kindness of a shared language only we speak. And at the end of the… Continue reading “To My Muse” (A Poem)

Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger
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Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger

I started my first blog not long after college. I was working in the admissions office at Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind.. I had just moved back to Indy after a year as an assistant editor of a beauty business magazine in Chicago, Ill. It turned out the hustle of big city life wasn’t for… Continue reading Celebrating 10 Years as a Blogger