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A Note from Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s Keynote Address in 2012 to the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, remains one of the most inspiring speeches to young creative minds in recent years. This excerpt is meant to keep you creating your art, whatever it may be, on good days and the bad days too. Refer back here whenever you… Continue reading A Note from Neil Gaiman

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When Responsibility Stands in the Way of Creativity

Every morning when I open my kitchen fridge, I am reminded of the importance of creativity... Like many of you, I’ve found myself with less time lately for creative outlets. The economy has forced employers to crunch down on employees, demanding more hours and a tighter workload. While this can mean job security for us… Continue reading When Responsibility Stands in the Way of Creativity

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Invoking Artistry

Upon brainstorming a name for my musical project with J, we have contemplated everything from memories of childhood, our favorite poems, other artists of interest, favorite seasons and places, colors, feelings, etc. This process is one of the hardest things for artists to do. It's easier to write the music than to come up with a name to encompass… Continue reading Invoking Artistry