Jess O’Donnell – Bass, Backing Vocals, Samples

Q. When did you first get into music?

A. Music was always around the house growing up, and I have always loved it. As young as 4 or 5, I had all the songs they played on the oldies station memorized. I started taking music lessons when I was 6, and just never stopped!

Q. Who are your biggest influences?

A. Three of my biggest musical influences are KISS, Nightwish, and Nine Inch Nails.

Q. Past music projects?

A. I’ve played with a wide variety of small bands across just about every genre of music, but the only recent one is Not Your Nails.

Q. What do you look forward to in working with God in Rehab?

A. I’m excited to play in God in Rehab because my musical tastes have really taken a turn towards dark electronic rock, and I’m really looking forward to playing original music within the genre. Plus, creating music with your friends is the best feeling in the world. … In God in Rehab, I’d like to accomplish the same thing I’ve wanted in every band I’ve ever played in: For people to have a good time listening to us!

Q. What’s one unique thing about you?

A. Years ago, I played bass in a Catholic mariachi band.

Q. Your Motto?

A. We’ll make it work!