How to a Have Conscious Relationship with Yourself (and Others)

Before last year, I had never heard the phrase “conscious relationship,” let alone the concept of a “conscious partner.” Instead, I had spent years in unhealthy relationships, including with myself, numb to the idea of accountability, self-growth, development, or healing. Toxic relationships, miscommunication, self-abandonment, and codependency were the norm to me, so when I heard… Continue reading How to a Have Conscious Relationship with Yourself (and Others)

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The Thing About Grief…

Grief has this way of sneaking up on you. It could be a decade later, and you’ll hear a random song with one lyric that strikes a certain chord. And a memory will flood back. And you’ll realize you’ve never really healed. You’re just coping. Then you’ll have guilt for still feeling the loss all… Continue reading The Thing About Grief…

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The Healing Power of Plants (and Music)

Music and gardens are the two most natural types of therapy that exist for human beings – benefiting both our psychological and physiological wellbeing. This revelation came from revered neurologist and author Oliver Sacks (July 9, 1933–August 30, 2015) in his essay “Why We Need Gardens.” Walt Whitman knew this truth too, as did John… Continue reading The Healing Power of Plants (and Music)

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Daily Meditation: Resetting Your Life

Maybe it’s time for a reset. You know that point in the movie when you get caught up in a conversation or the phone starts ringing, and you find yourself talking over the storyline only to discover you’ve missed an important plot line? You forgot to hit pause, and know you’ve jumped ahead and need… Continue reading Daily Meditation: Resetting Your Life