“The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

I shiver as your words fall down my back. Gentle. Firm. … Knowing… From a whisper across the nape of my neck, they roll down like tears, following the silhouette of my body, hugging me at the waist, melting into my skin. They rush toward my toes, igniting a high-energy spark, ejecting hot metal capable… Continue reading “The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

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A Note from Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s Keynote Address in 2012 to the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, remains one of the most inspiring speeches to young creative minds in recent years. This excerpt is meant to keep you creating your art, whatever it may be, on good days and the bad days too. Refer back here whenever you… Continue reading A Note from Neil Gaiman

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Literature Scene is Alive and Well in Nashville

Are you a seasoned poet, an author or an aspiring writer? Do you love to hear the words of other artists, or do you have a passion for storytelling in front of an audience? It’s easy to become a part of Nashville’s thriving poetry and literature scene. By attending regular events like the ones below,… Continue reading Literature Scene is Alive and Well in Nashville