GIR x TSA – “Upside Down: Dreamwalker Remix”

In December 2022, Nick McLaren of the California-based industrial solo project, The Static Architect, contacted Leslie Benson, vocalist and lyricist of God in Rehab, to collaborate on a remix. McLaren had worked with Benson previously during her work with former band The Sweetest Condition.

The former Nine Inch Nails tribute band frontman-turned-solo act was in the midst of writing his own new album after several years on hiatus. This was a great chance for both artists to work together again and try something new. So Spookie Rollings of God in Rehab got him the vocal stems, and McLaren went to work.

On his remix of God in Rehab’s “Upside Down” (2022) single release, McLaren said, “The BPM is around 90, but very variable as I kept the ‘human’ tempo from the original song. Thanks for letting me take a stab at this and I hope you’re happy with the result!”

The rest of God in Rehab was also pleased with McLaren’s remix, called GIR x TSA – “Upside Down: Dreamwalker Remix” by The Static Architect. The bands dually released the song on Bandcamp in mid-December 2022 and on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

UK Radio Debut

The song debuted on UK radio on Dec. 18, 2022 with DJ Adam Thomas on The Sanctuary with Adz (Hard Rock Radio Hell). Listen to the full show on Mixcloud.

Sounds + Shadows Darkscene Singles Chart

McLaren submitted the remix to the Sounds + Shadows Darkscene Singles Charts on Facebook, created by Ken Magerman, and both bands promoted the remix, landing at No. 2 on the chart on Dec. 31, 2022, with 64 votes (about 15% of all votes,) including more than established bands Unwoman and Komor Kommando. However, coming in at No. 1 was The Bellwether Syndicate (featuring DJ Scary Lady Sarah) from Chicago, who got 67 votes.

Read the full writeup.

“I’m so grateful to my friend Nick McLaren of TSA for remixing our latest God In Rehab song, ‘Upside Down,'” Benson said. “Nick has been working on a new album as well, and in the midst of holiday chaos and polishing his own music, he was kind enough to take the time to work on our track. I’m so excited to share that we’re currently on the top of the Sounds and Shadows December 2022 #DarksceneSinglesChart, thanks to the love of our friends and fans! … If you like electronic music, be sure to follow The Static Architect!”

Get GIR x TSA – “Upside Down: Dreamwalker Remix” by The Static Architect

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Video (no lyrics) by Nick McLaren:

Video (with lyrics) by Nick McLaren:


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