Industrial Night V at Exit/In Features “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge

Industrial Night V – Exit/In, Nashville, TN | July 9, 2022

I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to perform one of my favorite songs by the legendary band She Wants Revenge at the historic Exit/In in Nashville, TN, before it shutters its doors for the last time later this year.

On July 9, 2022, as a part of Industrial Night V, I sang “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge with a band of amazing local musicians, including Craig Alspaugh on bass, Jo Le Pache on keys, Sam Raiche on guitar, Jenny Wood on guitar, and Joey Lauretta on drums.

Sam Raiche, Leslie I. Benson, Craig Alspaugh, and Joey Lauretta – Back Stage at Exit/In

My fellow bandmates from God in Rehab even performed! My guitarist Spookie Rollings sang lead vocals on a cover of “Judith” by A Perfect Circle, and bassist Jess O’Donnell played a wicked Wednesday 13 cover of “Get Your Grave On.”

There were over 50 performers involved in the production of this show, including promoter Jonn Nicholson of E.Y.E. Productions, who certainly outdid himself this time. He was joined by the lovely host Kristen Teffeteller on stage to lead the night, and she even sang “Dead Souls” by Joy Division.

Jonn and Kristen’s band, Not Your Nails, headlined the night with heavy-hitting Nine Inch Nails covers. What a great experience!

Not Your Nails at Industrial Night V – Exit/In, Nashville, TN | July 9, 2022

The last time I heard “Tear You Apart” live was when the actual band performed it on this same stage at EXIT/IN on their last tour through Nashville in 2019. 

I’ve been a fan of She Wants Revenge since 2006 with the release of their first self-titled album. (Back then I saw them perform at The Vogue in Indianapolis, IN, on their first tour.) I was humbled at the chance to perform it alongside this song with friends in Nashville.

Industrial Night V – Exit/In, Nashville, TN | July 9, 2022

Thanks to the 300 beautiful souls who came out to support Industrial Night V at Exit/In! You helped to raise donations for a great cause – MusiCares. We appreciate you!

I’m so glad many of my dearest friends came out to support my performance as well. I want to give a special shout-out to Rachael Gunderson for being the makeup queen back stage, as well as Allie Osborne, Heather Gentry Peters, Pilar Spraggins, Ferlin James Pomfrett, Brad Smith, and Jeremy Webster for coming to the show (pictured below).

I look forward to the next Industrial Night!


Photos by Kailey A. Photography, Angela Jean, Heather Gentry Peters, and Rachael Gunderson. | Videos by Spookie Rollings, Brad Smith, Allie Osborne, and Jeremy Webster.

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