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House of Nagel 80s-Inspired Art Reveal

If you follow me on social media, you’ll notice that I recently launched my own YouTube channel. I had the pleasure of uploading a few 80s New Wave art appreciation videos, featuring some of my favorites – Patrick Nagel, Camille Walala, and Jeff Block (known as @Cre80s).

I’ll also be releasing videos about Keith Haring, M. Lineham Art, Kazaru Sioux, and others soon too, so please “Subscribe” to my channel if you haven’t yet.

Here’s a roundup of the videos I’ve posted about 80s-inspired art thus far.

The House of Nagel: Iconic 80s Women

New Wave artist and illustrator Patrick Nagel was known for celebrating the gorgeous women of the 1970s and 1980s through his pop art pinup-like artwork.

His famous “Rio” graced the album cover by Duran Duran, and he inspired music videos by David Bowie, Robert Palmer and George Michael.

He began his career in the mid-70’s teaching at the Art Center College of Design and working as a freelance artist, illustrating stories for Playboy magazine.

Born in Dayton, Ohio (my hometown) in 1945, he was raised in Orange County, California. Unfortunately, on Feb. 4, 1984, Nagel left this world unexpectedly, but his “Nagel women” continue to inspire other artists, fashion designers, and musicians to this day. View and purchase reprints of his work at

This video is a tribute to Patrick Nagel, my collection of his work, and features a surprise visit from my cat, Siouxsie!

My Moment as a Nagel Woman

I’m a bit obsessed with art of Nagel’s art, as you can see, so much so that I recreate some of their 80s New Wave fashion, and I had my Instagram friend, Jeff Block (@cre80s) design a commissioned portrait in that style.

He created a graphic illustration based on an original photograph taken of me in 2017 by my friend Katti Mayberry (Kidtee Hello Photography).

I love how it turned out! I feel like a Patrick Nagel girl mixed with a bit of Siouxsie Sioux.

See more of Jeff’s work and contact him for your own commissioned portrait on Instagram. (He’s very reasonable, highly professional, and has a super-fast turnaround. His art makes great gifts too!) You can view additional highlights of his art on YouTube.

Camille Walala Art and Book Reveal

One of my favorite modern artists is French designer Camille Walala. She creates vivid 3D art installations, interior and architectural designs, prints (a few of which hang on my walls) and drawings that are reminiscent of 80s Memphis-Milano design.

She pairs whimsical, bold color schemes with geometric patterns much like something out of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse – like her earrings that I’m wearing in this video, designed by Walala in conjunction with Doodad and Fandango, a pop art accessories brand designed by Nikita Margarita in Sydney, Australia.

In the video, I unwrap and reveal her first book, “Taking Joy Seriously,” published by Counter-Print Books, which highlights her artistry and many projects over the years.

Find more 80s-inspired art appreciation posts on my That 80s New Wave Instagram page.

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