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Writing Prompt: “Through the Ether”

Several large birds swooped downward, barely skimming the bald face of the mountain they had perched upon. Intent on their prey, none in the flock ever noticed the couple, dangling as they were, from an outcropping scrambling desperately for purchase.

She couldn’t tell which was louder, the beating of her wings against the wall of chilled air upon her descent, or the oversized organ that had been divinely transplanted into her chest upon her resurrection, which some would call a heart, but its composition of wood twisting through iron and steel certainly did not resemble one.

Down she soared, dropping quick as an anvil from the ether just above the clouds. Still ablaze, the tips of her wings sent sparks of molten red and orange at her back, drawing a line through the sky like an arrow from where she had risen to this moment, where she intently plummeted toward the Earth and the mountain precipice.

An icy wind whipped her face and body. Soon, she could smell the smoke and feel the embers from her tail cooling as she guided her way to the couple. And as she descended upon them, her wings, feathers, and tail fully burned to ash as she landed with a pounding THUD on the ground above them, standing fully naked now as a woman, no longer a phoenix, fallen from the place where she was reborn.

An angel in the flesh. She was here to take them home.


Photo from Pexels

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: “Through the Ether””

  1. Oh…oh wow!
    I didn’t know where that was going 😳

    Bravo and thank you for the journey, LIB
    Now I wanna know more about what the Phoenix was doing before she resurrected!

    I love these so much!


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