“The Science of Poetry” (A Poem)

I shiver as your words

fall down my back.

Gentle. Firm. … Knowing…

From a whisper

across the nape of my neck,

they roll down like tears,

following the silhouette

of my body,

hugging me at the waist,

melting into my skin.

They rush toward my toes,

igniting a high-energy spark,

ejecting hot metal capable

of starting a fire…

They hit the ground,

sizzling at my feet,

surrounding me in a hazy glow,

grounded in the Earth with

warmth, comfort, and intrigue…

A continuous arc between two souls,

revealing their presence

through the emission of light.

The science of poetry.

By Leslie I. Benson | Photo by Killian Eon from Pexels

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