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Staying Positive – ‘The Secret’ Revealed (Audiobook Review)

How many times have you heard someone tell you to “Stay Positive” even when you’re going through a total mental and emotional meltdown? You may think: “How could THEY know how I’m feeling? How am I supposed to ‘Stay Positive’ with all that’s going on?!” But in the midst of what seems like a half-hearted, generic bit of advice, realize that they’re actually offering you a wealth of good information.

At its foundation, “Stay Positive” is the key to understanding how the universe works – something I’ve only recently come to realize. And if you use this “key” correctly – it could lead you closer to your dreams and experiencing your ultimate success and happiness in life. Keep reading to discover “The Secret” for yourself!

How I Found ‘The Secret’

Released on film in 2006, “The Secret” – based on a book of the same name by Rhonda Byrne, is a New Thought-based, self-help documentary containing spiritual and philosophical interviews with leading experts from across the globe on the subject of “The Secret” (otherwise known as The Law of Attraction).

The film came to me on DVD as a gift, but I was too narrow-minded at age 25 to really appreciate it. So, I watched the first 10 minutes, mistook it for mumbo-jumbo religious material, and then donated it to Goodwill.

Twelve years later, “The Secret” came back into my life by means of an audiobook, which I committed to giving a fair shot this time. Over four hours later, I not only listened to it – I mean REALLY listened – but I finally understood the importance of the message it was sending all along. And at nearly 37 years of age (in a few weeks), I’m finally ready to use it!

What is ‘The Secret’?

The author of “The Secret” stumbled across similarities throughout historical texts about the power of positive thinking and The Law of Attraction, so she set out to acquire interviews with experts in various fields to discover what hidden truths they believe regarding the subject. What she found were similar stories that all pointed to one unique message, which – at its core – deals with optimism, visualization, and the power of perspective.

The empowering audiobook (and book and film) focus on specific examples of how to help improve your health, relationships, and prosperity. “The Secret” offers examples of real actions you can take NOW to change your life for the better. So here’s what I’ve learned about “The Secret.”

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The universe wants you to be happy.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” Every person is a “magnet” – meaning that what you think, feel, and do serves as a magnet to attract similar things to you.

So, if you’re a “glass half-full” type of person with an overall positive perspective on life, you’re much more likely to bounce back from hardships unharmed, drawing positive experiences to you in the meanwhile. (Just think of those people that just seem “lucky” all the time!)

On the other hand, if you’re negative, envious of others, or mopey on a consistent basis, you’ll surely attract negative experiences in your life. (You know the people who never seem to catch a break? They’re probably also those who think nonstop negative thoughts!)

Fortunately, The Law of Attraction is unbiased. According to “The Secret,” “your thoughts become things.” Therefore, the more positivity you have, the more it will spread throughout your life! There are five parts to The Law of Attraction that make it work: Gratitude. Blessings. Love. Laughter. Faith.

From a New Thought perspective, “the universe wants you to be happy.” And if the universe is designed to give us the things we think about the most, wouldn’t it make sense to only focus on the things we want instead of the things we don’t want? That’s where gratitude comes into play!

The Importance of Gratitude and Praise

When it comes to staying positive and using The Law of Attraction in your favor, having an attitude of gratitude can make all the difference! According to “The Secret,” when you’re grateful and giving, you’re essentially showing the universe that you have an abundance – enough to share – and that prosperity will come back to you. Gratitude brings your mind within balance of the positive energies of the universe. It also attracts support from others.

Having gratitude means counting your blessings – even small ones – and being thankful for all you have. It means eliminating feelings of envy or jealousy, and instead, praising others and lifting them up. It even means blessing your enemies. When you praise, instead of curse, others – the positive energy swings back to you like a boomerang.

Love, Laughter and Faith

Positivity starts in gratitude and blessings, but it can be expanded exponentially with feelings of love. The emotion of love is the deepest and most powerful positive energy we have, and when we truly feel it, the universe showers us with more of it like an endless waterfall.

Pure, unconditional love is the strongest magnet in The Law of Attraction. It can be expressed with your children, your parents, your soul mate, and even your furbabies! Love, when at its highest vibration, puts us in line with all that is right with the universe and moves mountains to get us to where we want to be. And the best part? Love is contagious – just as much as laughter!

Laughter is another useful magnet in The Law of Attraction. When you laugh, you’re letting go of any negative thoughts throughout your entire body and choosing to feel joy instead. Laughter has been shown to have a placebo effect on people with illnesses, helping to heal them, in many cases.

The last crucial part to The Law of Attraction is having an unwavering faith. Your faith does not necessarily have to be based in religion. Instead, it is the act of having faith without doubt that the universe has the best in store for you and that you are on the best path for your life. It is having the faith in a positive outcome and not focusing on how you will get there.

In summary…

Love + Gratitude + Laughter + Faith = Happiness & Healing.

The Secret
This is “The Secret” – use it wisely!

How to Use ‘The Secret’ in Your Life

According to “The Secret,” there are three steps to take in using The Law of Attraction properly: Ask. Believe. Receive.

Step 1. Ask the universe.

Quiet your mind, and onlyfocus on what you want – without any doubt. Meditate on it. Pray (if that works for you) and ask the universe once for what you want. Do this not by ordering from a wish list as you would ask of Santa at Christmas. Instead, ask the universe by saying THANK YOU – as if what you want with all your heart is already yours, and then FEEL that happiness as if you already have your true desires. For example, start off by thinking and feeling with this statement: I am so happy and grateful that….

Some specific examples could include:

I am so happy and grateful that… I have an abundance of love in my life.

I am so happy and grateful that… I love my fulfilling career!

I am so happy and grateful that… I have wealth and prosperity!

And so forth. You can get a bit more specific, but these are just general examples.

Step 2. Believe it’s already yours!

Step two is where faith (and visualization) kick in. Start with the act of visualization. (As children, we called this part “make believe” – only in this case, it’s much more powerful!) Envision the specific things you want from step one. Sometimes it helps if you create a Vision Board (you could even make a Pinterest Board) to help you visualize your dream coming true or whatever positive thing you want to happen.

Act and think as if your dream is happening right now. See yourself as already having received it. Act, think, and speak as if it’s already real. Feel the overwhelming joy and passion you have from having it.

Claim the thing you want by feeling and believing it’s already yours. MAKE BELIEVE, BECAUSE IT IS REAL. Have undying faith. (Believe that the universe will do it for you!) Focus on WHAT, not HOW it will happen.

For example, if you’re looking for financial help, check out The Secret Check (free download). Fill it out, visualize the prosperity, offer gratitude, feel happy, and let the money flow in! (Don’t think of bills. Only think of wealth.)

Or, if you’re shopping for your dream home and have found one you love but are competing with other buyers, visualize the house as already yours and feel the utter joy it brings you. You could even write down your name and your new wishful address a bunch of times if it helps you think and feel on the right path.

Step 3. Receive the gifts of the universe.

Feel the positive energy! Feel the way you would feel when the desire has manifested – right now. Be happy! That way, your feeling is in the frequency you want to be in. Feel everything into existence. Feel to manifest good. Your mantra at this point should be: “I am receiving all the good in my life now!” Have no doubt that the universe will take care of you.

My mantra: “I am healthy, whole, and well.”

‘The Secret’ in My Own Life

Little did I know – before ever hearing “The Secret” – that it was already working in my own life!

During my career, I desired a better job title and a more competitive salary. I didn’t know why or how, but I focused my mind on prosperity as if I already had everything I wanted. I had no doubt in my mind that I would be taken care of. Within a few weeks, I received a better job offer from another company, but I didn’t really want to work there. (I actually liked where I was already working!)

So, I put it in the universe’s hands, and meditated on it. I focused on a raise and a promotion within my company. When I approached them to let them know the situation – something I had never done before– they actually made a counter offer. I ended up staying where I was – only much happier than before and feeling much more appreciated!

Much later, I had an unexpected health scare. It was a serious concern, and I had to have some tests done. I worried about it for weeks beforehand, waiting for a diagnosis. Then, the night before I received the results, I focused my mind on this mantra over and over again, without any doubt: “I am healthy, whole, and well.” I envisioned white light enveloping my body, healing myself. I also remembered that I am a strong woman and a fighter!

The next day, I got the call from the doctor, and my prayers had been answered. I didn’t need surgery, and I am healthy. I immediately thanked the universe over and over again.

I hope these thoughts bring you comfort and inspire you to Stay Positive in your own life. No matter what, the universe has the best in mind for you. Trust in that, and all will be well.


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