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Of a Mockingbird (A Poem)

Of a mockingbird,
Mary Oliver writes—
for a thousand mornings
it flutters about,
stealing songs
of neighboring birds,
and brakes squealing to drown
its mockery.

This beautiful tiny jester
sings avian karaoke
on a post just off the porch,
hovering, twirling twice,
its dance cylindrical,
then lowering like a helicopter
or a slow balloon
losing helium.

Brightly he sings
tales of friends and foes—
this bard of the birds.
Though, when it seems
no one is listening,
he bellows a different tune—
his story of feathery sorrow
of his jester’s loneliness,
the mask before the frown,
of his time on this stage.

Beneath his breast,
his heart beats strong—
not as fast as a hummingbird
or as slow as a crow—
just quick enough
to know he is alive
and suffering.

© 2014 Leslie I. Benson

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