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What Can You Accomplish in 8 Hours?

  • photo1bSit at your desk in front of your computer professionally answering emails for a living
  • Take a road trip to a casino and take a chance at winning a million bucks
  • Drive to your parent’s house for dinner; they’d be so happy to see you… it’s been far too long
  • Play a rock show in another city, stay up all night partying with fans and watch the sunrise from the hood of your car
  • Write 8 songs in 8 hours, or one song in 8 hours, and record it all for an epic single or an EP
  • Read half of American Gods and gain a deeper insight into the world
  • Hold a photo shoot in the woods with all of your closest friends, share drinks at a bar and post the drunken comedic affair to an Instagram gallery
  • Interview a local subcultural superhero for a short documentary film
  • Write a few chapters of your autobiography
  • Take a 10 mile hike or bike 20 miles; stop for dinner at a cozy Indian restaurant
  • Crash a wedding and dance with the bride
  • Volunteer your time a local soup kitchen, feeding the homeless and hungry
  • Paint a messy masterpiece, a portrait of your best friend or your child—you know only they could love
  • Register for college and start planning your first degree… then, the rest of your life
  • Fall in love
  • Save a life
  • Plan a revolution


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