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Krista Detor Cuts Her Teeth with ‘Chocolate Paper Suites’


I led a creative writing workshop for six Ball State University journalism students in February 2010 to teach them interviewing and profile writing skills. We conducted a 30 minute interview with Bloomington, Indiana-based singer-songwriter Krista Detor, in anticipation of her 2010 album release, Chocolate Paper Suites. The article was later published in Nuvo.

Written by Leslie I. Benson
Published March 17, 2010, Nuvo

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Excerpt: In Bloomington, Indianaand in the Midwest in general you can experiment without fear of critical backlash. That’s according to Krista Detor, a Southern California-born transplant to Southern Indiana, and a singer-songwriter whose new album, Chocolate Paper Suites, was released last month.

“The Midwest offers some of that ‘permission,'” says Detor. “This isn’t New York or L.A. There aren’t a slew of critics waiting around like vultures to shred you if you try something risky, so art has a chance to blossom in a more natural and, possibly, in a gentler way.

“You can cut your teeth here. You can make art and you will find, at the minimum, a cordial audience.”

Detor, a classically-trained pianist, began taking advantage of the city’s amenable creative climate in 2001, when she met her husband, musician and producer David Weber.

“We teamed up for my first album, Dream in a Cornfield. Much of it was written when I was 19 and in college,” Detor says. “I found his studio, and we clicked, quickly writing and playing shows together.”

Now living together in a house connected to Weber’s Airtime Studio in Bloomington, the couple has ready access to whatever instruments they need in the creative process.

“The bouncing of ideas has been the building up of the flesh of a song from the bare bones I walk in with,” Detor says. “Integrity is about all there is. There’s less money and less opportunity as songwriters flood in from every crack in the floor boards, so why not make it about the art?”

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Krista Detor – Official Website: Click here

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