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Indianapolis Music Scene: Where Are They Now?

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This ambitious multimedia cover story package was featured in a print and interactive online edition of Nuvo Newsweekly. I managed a group of freelance writers who gathered interviews with many of the founding members of the Indianapolis, Indiana, music scene. The interviews were included in an in-depth overview of six branches of this “musical family tree,” which has expanded since its roots first formed in the Circle City. I collaborated with Jeb Banner and P.J. Christie, founders of the local MP3 archive and website known as Musical Family Tree, to compile the history of the Indianapolis music scene. Then I held several interviews on camera at the Music Mill with influential members of the Indianapolis music scene, including Dale Lawrence, John Zeps, Vess Ruhtenberg, Rusty Redenbacher, and Tina Barbieri, to discuss how the scene has changed since their heyday. We touched upon their favorite concert and back stage memories, the best albums released locally, and where they thought the future of the music scene is heading. These videos aired online as a supplement to the cover story. In addition, I hired cartoonist Wayne “The Barfly” Bertsch to draw a genealogical tree representation of the music scene, based off the three main musicians I interviewed. Readers could click on this image on the interactive website to listen to songs by the artists.

Project Management and Editing by Leslie I. Benson
Published March 28, 2007, Nuvo

Read the Full Story (Download the PDF, 1.69 MB): Click here
Click on the images to enlarge text 


Musical Family Tree – Official website: Click here

Photos submitted to Nuvo
Illustration by Wayne Bertsch, sponsored by, with help from Jeb Banner and P.J. Christie
Q&As by Mel Duncan, Nora Spitznogle, Jeff Napier, Matthew Socey, P.J. Christie, and Jeb Banner





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