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Showing Local Photographers Some Love…

local photographers

Since the Mayans were wrong, and the world didn’t end, I wanted to start the New Year 2013 out by congratulating some of my photographer friends for their recent creative endeavors. These folks are extremely talented, and most were raised or live right here in the Midwest. If you want to dazzle your eyes with some beautiful imagery, click on these links and enjoy their photos…

Thank you!

Jason Reed Milner Photography – Newly formed in 2012, this freelance photographer, who also doubles as a musician and engineer in his spare time, specializes in band photography, as well as event photography, nature, architecture, wedding, and editorial shots. Humble about his work, his art once hung in the White House after winning a contest as a boy. He has loved and created all forms of visual and auditory art since then. More information, including sound clips, can be found at

Kris Arnold Photography – This visionary and former Nuvo Newsweekly cover story photographer and Web designer has had his work published in major U.S. magazines. He specializes in editorial photos and is the go-to artists for all marketing and portfolio imagery for Indiana band Irene & Reed. His guilty pleasure involves shooting images of abandoned places across the country, including mental institutions and creepy old amusement parks.

Brosmer Photographic – From high school headshots to feature imagery for the Current in Fishers newspaper and other publications, this freelance photographer and blogger is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. He finds the best shots by scouring the city for vivid backdrops, such as an orange-blue sunset over a cornfield, or a forgotten junkyard of muddy car parts, setting the stage for press photos for bands such as The Sweetest Condition.

Paul F.P. Pogue – A brilliant journalist by trade, as well as a freelance photographer specializing in medieval re-enactment photography, his creations have graced magazines and newspapers throughout the Midwest, covering music events and more. An avid Gen Con reporter, he began an inventive series of steampunk-inspired photos, as well as a G.I. Joe-inspired photo shoot, in 2012. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for 2013! Also check out his blog: Pogue’s Run.

Volley View Photography – Hot Press Ink and Vamptasy Publishing author Rue Volley creates luscious photography for Vivid Books, as well as her own book designs, swag, prints, and model portfolios. For adventurers who don’t fear the bite of a vampire to those curious about BDSM, as well as vixens with an addiction to all things vintage, this witchy seductress has photos that will cure all that ails you. And if you feel an undying need to read, delve into her imagination at

Dark Mannequin Designs – Kevin Foureman of Dark Mannequin Designs is a veteran of the alternative Midwest photography scene, specializing in fantasy, horror, gothic, industrial, fetish, sci-fi, and all things wicked and beautiful.

Braille Korp. – Braille is a multi-talented photographer, musician, and writer who seems to have his hands in many creative projects at one time. He never ceases to amaze me!

Kidtee Hello Photography – One of the first photographers to take a major role in the creation and launch of my original music magazine, Echo Immortalis, back in 2005, Kidtee is an amazingly versatile editorial photographer who can capture the beauty in even the most sinister of subjects. My favorite images of hers are of the many gorgeous goth chicks and Midwest-based models she works with. She does absolutely stunning work.

Doppelganger Photography – Vanessa Hamilton of Doppelganger Photography understands the female shape better than most photographers. She is able to bring to life her alternative models in ways that evoke every gamut of emotion, from lust to fear. Her uncanny ability to find the best photo shoot locations and utilize light in a way that flatters every flowing curve makes her one of my favorite Indy-based artists.

Red Rocket Photo – One of Indy’s most talented and respected visual artists, Michelle Pemberton’s edginess and humor go hand-in-hand. Her photos are real, raw, and sometimes even sensual. Her new media journalistic work regularly appears in The Indianapolis Star and Metromix. Her imagery has wowed me since I moved to the Circle City. And, she’s hot, to boot!

I know I’ve missed some great local photographers in this list, but these are a few of my personal faves. Please feel free to link your favorites below in the comments section. Thanks!



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