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LIB: Liberation through Jewelry

Storytelling comes in many forms: A poem, a song, and yes, even a piece of jewelry.

The art of storytelling allows us to connect with humanity, forming a deeper level of meaning and understanding between one other. As a published journalist, marketer, and singer/songwriter, I have spent my life observing and collecting people’s stories, which, yes, are usually stranger than fiction. Storytelling comes in many forms: A poem, a song, and yes, even a piece of jewelry. Each story is different. Each has its own tale to tell. And from the tongue of a girl with many years of inner “demons” nipping at my toes, I can tell you just how liberating it can be to share your personal story! Please allow me to share mine with you….

I have begun liberating myself by creating one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry “made with love” from a variety of mixed media (found objects, vintage items, charms, keys, buttons, watches, stones, feathers, leather, lace, metal, rope, ink, photographs, and more). It’s about reaching within and pulling out what’s best in us all!

My initials, L.I.B., were custom designed all of their own. *wink* My parents say they stand for “LIBERATION,” (or Women’s Lib), as I was born during the Women’s Movement. So, one woman to another, we no longer have to struggle for independence and rights. Forget sexism. We are strong, and we are free. We have been born into a liberated world.

I’ll be launching a website soon for the sale of these unique keepsakes. The sale of each piece of my jewelry goes directly toward paying for the recording and promotional efforts of my two original bands, The Sweetest Condition and Irene & Reed, for which I am the co-founder and singer/songwriter. The funds not only help us mix/master, print our albums, and get them in your hands, but they also aid in our efforts to tour the country and perform our music live.

I live the “DIY” mantra and believe in a community supporting its own small businesses, independent artists, musicians, and authors. There is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than to hold in my hands the culmination of a creative project, which started from scratch.

Showing each other love is one of the most important things we can do to enhance support for the arts in this great country of ours! So, in my spare time, you can find me scouring antique shops, local boutiques, and odd sites on the Internet for steampunk, goth/industrial, and Victorian-influenced treasures for my own collection.

Let’s free ourselves, share our stories, and be liberated! Together, we’ll live a life of romance, mystery, and intrigue…. Thanks for reading!


Here is a preview of some of the jewelry I have already custom-made, which will be on sale soon.




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