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When Responsibility Stands in the Way of Creativity

Every morning when I open my kitchen fridge, I am reminded of the importance of creativity…

Like many of you, I’ve found myself with less time lately for creative outlets. The economy has forced employers to crunch down on employees, demanding more hours and a tighter workload. While this can mean job security for us worker bees, it does mean less energy and fewer hours in the day for exploring the creative mind, so in the end, the art is usually the first to suffer. Similarly, the first programs to get cut from schools are always the creative ones—art and music….

I find most of my best ideas come to me when my mind has the chance to flow freely without distraction from an assignment or a chore. With the hefty schedule I live, this leaves me with two times during the day to brainstorm new ideas that could contribute to the world’s collective artistic consciousness—during the drive to and from work, and while showering.

The drive to work has recently been filled with the sounds of “The Bob & Tom Morning Show.” There’s nothing like a bit of laughter at 7 a.m. to get your day moving. So that time’s now gone…. And shower time gets filled with thoughts like what I need to pick up at the grocery store, or what plans I have the rest of the week, etc. So, it gets me nowhere creatively.

What tricks do you have for finding peace? How do you give yourself the chance to quiet down and let your mind flow freely? What exercises help your creative juices flow?

Let’s get a conversation going, and maybe we can help each other out. Please feel free to leave comments below. Thanks!

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