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Raw Food Diary: Introduction

So when does the big disconnect happen between reasonably respecting every food group as a kid (thanks to mom and dad) to overindulging on fast food as an adult? For me, it was during college. The time crunch I was under left me not caring about cooking balanced meals; rather, I’d turn to quick fixes like single-serve pizza or Ramen noodles. And exercise? Forget about it! I was running around with so much “on my plate” that the thought of visiting a gym never crossed my mind.

That trend seemed to work at age 20, but ten years later … forget about it.

The Game of Numbers

At age 25, I vowed to make better food choices, and I actually held a gym membership off and on. Somehow, by sticking to basics like eating steamed veggies, chicken, and potatoes, I lost 30 pounds in a little over a year.

It was invigorating! I had so much energy that I joined a roller derby league, and I tried bellydance classes. However, high amounts of stress from my personal life suddenly crept on, and so did the weight. By 2010, I was back where I started.

What in the world could I do to get back to where I had been? What was I doing wrong? I blamed it on slower adult metabolism, work stress, and depression after having lost a close friend of mine. It was often hard to even get off the couch! So, I thought about it logically. Weight is all a game of numbers, right? The goal is to burn more calories than you take in. All I had to do was start counting calories!

This trick was something I had actually starting doing when my first dramatic weight loss occurred. Documenting what I ate allowed me to recognize patterns and omit bad habits when I saw them forming. After all, who needs dessert after every filling meal?

I also realized the “2,000 calories a day” guide on nutritional information labels do not mean every person should be taking in that much per day. In fact, women my height and age only burn about 1,400-1,500 calories a day on our own. To lose anything, we’d have to consume less than that, and combine it with exercise.

The Treadmill Doesn’t Scare Me!

There I was again—the gym. It was me versus the treadmill. At first, the treadmill won. I was too exhausted to run, and my knees hurt. But I soon realized any movement at this point would probably make a difference. So, I started walking. This moderate pace of walking raised my heart rate just slightly—enough to force me to breathe harder.

Then I picked up a Vitamix, a high-powered professional blender. This appliance does not come cheap! But, it was an investment for my health. So, I started a new meal plan. I was going to do what my mom had always told me as a child—eat more veggies!

By adopting a partial raw food diet, I began ingesting emulsified raw vegetables and fruits to absorb as many natural nutrients as possible, while fulfilling my hunger. I didn’t give up bread, cheese, or wine, of course (my favorite snack), but I did find myself buying more produce at the grocery store than anything else. I also started drinking more water.

After just four days of using the Vitamix, my new liquid meals were already making me feel more alert. Although their enzymes didn’t completely agree with my body at first, a few Beano supplements (and a walk on the treadmill) later, and I felt healthier than I had in years. All of a sudden, I had two “good hair days” in a row, and my skin seemed tauter than I had noticed in ages. I was off to a great start!

So, how did I start this new health regime? Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

– Vitamix ( Any pro version will do; ranges from $440 to $650 and up

– Thermos: I picked up a sturdy, dishwasher safe and insulated version for $25 in the camping gear section at Target.

– Fruits and vegetables: I suggest getting a wide assortment from the grocery store; whatever organic raw food (fewer pesticides) is in season is best.

– Biokleen: Citric-based produce wash from any health food store (rinse all fresh produce with three drops off this in a bowl of water, let sit for two minutes, and then rinse off with clean water until all Biokleen is gone).
– Journal (woohoo – old school pen and paper!) or any calorie counting smartphone app to log what you eat and drink on a daily basis

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