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Mixology 101: A lesson by Scott Matelic

Working a turntable takes intuition, patience, rhythm and a little coaxing to find the right groove — the one that brings an audience to its feet and makes it feel something real.

“I had to learn how to be simultaneously firm but delicate with records,” says Indianapolis-raised DJ Scott Matelic. “If necessary, I have to be able to physically touch the record while it’s playing in order to keep a mix going.”

Matelic has gathered more than 10,000 records over the past fifteen years, including his favorite rare LP, Inside the Shadow by Anonymous, a psychedelic garage band fronted by his dad, Ron Matelic. Access to 12-inches, scratch and break records from Indy CD & Vinyl, where he works part time, has helped fuel the vinyl junkie’s hobby.

Excerpt by Leslie Benson, published in Nuvo, May 17, 2010.

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