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Nashville Bound

J and I are hitting Nashville to tour Sony Tree Studios with his brother, Brad Milner, a sound engineer who works there. Next week, he’s recording Vince Gill, and soon thereafter, Brooks & Dunn will record music there. It’s such a small world, and we’re so close to rubbing elbows with “the stars!” I can’t wait!

We have thus far written and recorded 13 total songs for our debut album, not including the cover we recorded for fun. J is especially looking forward to Sony, as he’ll finally get the chance to play its Hammond piano, which houses a speaker system known as “The Leslie.” How funny. We’ll also see the area of town known as Music Row and, of course, try to figure out what we are going to name this project. (Yes, I know. It’s quite embarrassing. We STILL don’t have a band name!)

So here’s what we have ready for mastering:

"Closer to Home" (c) Irene & Reed 2009
“Closer to Home” (c) Irene & Reed 2009

Closer to Home
© Jason Milner and Leslie Benson 2009

All Your Tomorrows
Small Miracles
In Your Arms
Wine and Whiskey
Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
Lose Myself
Good Medicine
Melt Me
Even with Closed Eyes

Its Alright Now
Enjoy the Silence
(by Depeche Mode)