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Making Progress

In addition to finishing our first band photo shoot, thanks to our photographer friend Kris Arnold, formerly of Nuvo Newsweekly, and hairstylist Aynie Olmstead of Shag Salon in Fountain Square, J and I also wrote and recorded the rest of song seven this week, entitled “Fragile.” In two weeks, we’ll have the photos back and start designing our official Web site.

As for the photo shoot, we posed in front of The Fountain Square Theatre and the artistic haven, The Murphy Building. In addition, RJ Wall and Danny at The Vollrath Tavern, Indy’s best “new” dive bar and live music venue–(and former speakeasy to folks like John Dillinger)–were kind enough to open their doors to us Saturday afternoon for the last half of the shoot.

As for the new track, “Fragile,” it’s a soulful, emotive piano piece with lyrics sparked from the recent fear of losing one of my beloved pet ferrets. (Both ferrets are alive and well, luckily). Though, realizing just how vulnerable the little creatures are, even though they act impervious to all ailments, gave me a cold glimpse into reality….

We are all fragile. We are all breakable. And nothing lasts forever.

On a more cheerful note, we also started writing song 8, a yet-to-be-named upbeat piece that reminds me of the typical chords used in my favorite Over the Rhine songs. I was overjoyed when J played that particular piano riff, exclaiming, “You wrote an ‘Over the Rhine-y’ melody! Woo hoo! I love it!”

So, thus far, our debut album is filled with songs of love and loss, hope and fear, frustration and forgiveness, friendship, family and home….