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The Process

It seems that every musician follows his or her own songwriting process. Some may start writing a song by playing chords on a guitar or by writing lyrics first. Some may work better from the chorus, then building the verses around the pinnacle of the song.

For J and I, we seem to work best by laying down a basic melody or simple, programmed drum beats first, just to lay a foundation, and we add an improvised keyboard melody over the beats. The melody may start from just a few chord progressions or a scale of notes, or it may stem from the roots of another song, twisted in some way to become our own.

Once we have figured out the right tone of the song with a few measures of melody on keyboard (or even guitar), we usually record the scratch music digitally and loop it as a verse, a bridge or a chorus, rearranging the pieces until we are happy with the final product.

From there, I start “hearing” original vocals (like poetry) in my head, and within a few hours, I am writing words to those vocal beats, usually designated by syllables and the flow of the beats themselves. Before we know it, we’ve laid down verse one and have the lyrics completed!

Thereafter, we use a similar songwriting process to create the chorus of the songs and so on, until we have an entire song organized and digitally programmed using Acid 6.0/7.0 or similar software programs. J tweaks the notes, the beats, the volume and effects and helps produce the song, while I record my vocals to the track. Afterwards, we edit the music and lyrics some more, and once we’re satisfied with the final draft of the product, we render the tracks and prepare them as an MP3 to later be developed further by his sound engineer brother in Nashville for sound quality, professional mixing and post-production, as well as live drums and bass.